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Immerse Yourself in Luxury at The Bvlgari Spa

Regarded as a crowning achievement, The Bvlgari Spa offers advanced beauty, grooming, and health-enhancing treatments, ranging from individual specialist sessions to long-term life improvement programmes, uniquely tailored to your needs.

The Itinerary


  • 10:00 - Registration
  • 10:40 - Pilates in The Studio, enhancing core strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.
  • 11:30 - Workout at the Workshop Gymnasium.


  • Sette Restaurant - 2-Course Lunch
  • 14:00 - Luxurious treatments of your choice
  • 15:30 - Full use of spa facilities including Sauna, Steam Room, Pool & Vitality Pool, and relaxation areas.


Treatment Options • 90 mins

KLORIS Stress Melting Ritual

Exclusive to The Bvlgari Spa, this treatment uses 100% organic CBD balm, complemented by aromatherapy and hot stone massage. The ritual begins with CBD balm application, followed by warm aromatherapy oil and a deeply relaxing hot stone massage. Feel your stress melt away, leaving you soothed, well-rested, and profoundly nurtured.

The Original Dramatic Healing Facial

Experience the rejuvenating power of The Original Dramatic Healing Facial. Using the iconic Y Theorem Repair Serum and advanced protocols, this high-performance treatment restores and enhances your skin's natural resilience. Revel in visibly healthier, firmer, and more youthful skin.

The Grounding Journey

Embark on The Grounding Journey, an advanced massage experience promoting sincere well-being. After a personalised consultation, your tailored massage can be enhanced with holistic body wraps and exfoliation. Choose from:

  • Sleep: Deep rest, refreshing, jet lag recovery
  • Comfort: Maternity, pregnancy, breastfeeding support
  • Balance: Perimenopause, menopause, PMS relief
  • Cleanse: Detox, gut harmony, energy boost

Elevate your spa experience at The Bvlgari Spa, where luxury meets well-being in every meticulously crafted treatment. Book your exclusive experience today and immerse yourself in unparalleled indulgence and care.

With a 2024 membership fee of £8,000, we hope you will see our day as excellent value.


Experience Information

Experience Date Wednesday, August 28, 2024
Price £395
Status Limited spaces available
Location Bvlgari Spa, Bulgari Hotel London, 171 Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1DW